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Silodrome: Four Till Four & The Air-Cooled Porsche

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To be a part of the gasoline culture, in this artistic way…a dream job hands down! Honoured to be featured again on this classic website. Go have a peek here at the four-wheeled beauties:

“Claudia Liebenberg is a talented South African painter whose work we’ve featured before, she specialises in the use of watercolours because it means she has small and highly portable painting supplies that she can carry anywhere.

This series of two paintings was commissioned for a new coffeeshop that’s opening in Scottsdale in Arizona, the cafe will have strong automotive influences and it will host regular Cars and Coffee events with a focus on bringing car culture to younger people. It’ll be called “Four Till Four” a play on the owner’s license plate on his 1958 Porsche 356 that reads “4till4”, a reference to the time of day – four minutes to four is 3:56.”

Huckberry x Claude

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San Fransisco. Yes. So Huckberry are based way out there in Cali. They are an outdoor brand, and somehow nailed the balance between old school quality and modern simplicity. All the heart-eye emoticons to be inserted.

I have been mapping my way to the US West coast for a while now, and along came this very special brand & asked to take my work to it’s shores. It is an absolute dream to work with them.

Do yourself a favour and enjoy the brilliance that is Huckberry

Man, I love this brand.

Visi Magazine: Artists We Love

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Ever since I could remember, my mom collected decor magazines. She has such good taste (no biased there). I also remember often getting into trouble as I cut out all the images that I loved meticulously, leaving her collections with half their content.

Later on, when I hit the varsity days, this love for decor magazines caught up with me. And oh did it hit me hard! I LOVE Visi Magazine. Timeless & classic. The curated content is simple & classy & enough to make you loose an afternoon over.

I recently met one of the editors at a Salon 58 soireé where I was asked to exhibit my Blooms on Black range, as the theme for Jackie Burger’s amazing virtual creations of all things feminine.

“After spotting Claudia’s work at one of Jackie Burger’s Salon 58 soirees in Stellenbosch, we decided to find out more about this local talent.”

Here is a write up Visi did, what an honour.



Ninety Nine Co: The Rad Aussies & That Interview

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Ok. So about this team. Loved this! Working with them is just too rad.

They did a pretty decent write-up on the work & where I come from. Here’s a snippet, but for the full spread click here:

“Claudia Liebenberg’s brush work first came to us within a thumb flick of an Instagram feed whilst scanning through the reams and reams of moto related visual treats the hit our #ninetynineco tag every day. The piece in question was a red BMW R80 that on first glance appeared to be an on-white studio shot that has become synonymous with the more prominent custom workshops around the globe.
Having just shot Andy Roberts R80 the weekend before the model was fresh in our minds and just as we were about to screen capture it to re-gram, we realised it was in fact a hand painted masterpiece, created at the hands of South African artist Claudia Liebenberg.

Upon closer inspection, we found that Claudia’s profile was filled to the rafters with beautifully crafted paintings of everything from vintage Harley-Davidson’s, through to Brat style CB’s and BMW Trackers.  After months of following her feed and a few mixed up email hiccups (on our part), we sat down with Claudia to chat through her process and a few of her favourites.”

Silodrome: Classic Motorcycle Art

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Silodrome to me is summarized as, simply classic. The team curates all things gasoline & have an extensive collection of reads & visuals to loose yourself in. If you love the motor-driven life (sigh) this is a site to keep tabs on.

What an honour to be counted in. Here’s their first feature, click here to view the piece on their site:

“Claudia Liebenberg is an exceptionally talented South African artist with a deeply held love of motorcycles and the culture that surrounds them. She’s been painting since she could hold a brush, and she settled on watercolours as the equipment needed is relatively minimal which allows her to take it all with her wherever she goes.

This is a collection of 10 of her motorcycle pieces and each image can be viewed in full resolution by clicking it, on her website you’ll also find her watercolour landscapes, botanicals and portraits.”