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Appreciating other artists.

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How gratifying is in not to share in another’s victory, another’s talent? How small would our world be, if we could not look at something someone else made and be moved by it, as they were. Its as if the appreciating of another’s work brings the delight you experience while making your own, come full circle. A brother in arms, if you will.

Because I am an artist, my eye connects with design, colours, simplicity, complexity, texture and imagery as if it is a chord played that finds its resonance inside me. What a marvellous view to cultivate and grow in. When the eye sees something it likes, I am left with an interpretation of what that means to me, and left with a inspiration to go and create too. My mom always tugs playfully at my ability to walk in to a store and be able to identify what I like almost immediately, or, if there is nothing there that stands out. More often that not, should something stand out, it would be the most expensive item in store, but that is a whole other in-house joke. Read More