Appreciating other artists.

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How gratifying is in not to share in another’s victory, another’s talent? How small would our world be, if we could not look at something someone else made and be moved by it, as they were. Its as if the appreciating of another’s work brings the delight you experience while making your own, come full circle. A brother in arms, if you will.

Because I am an artist, my eye connects with design, colours, simplicity, complexity, texture and imagery as if it is a chord played that finds its resonance inside me. What a marvellous view to cultivate and grow in. When the eye sees something it likes, I am left with an interpretation of what that means to me, and left with a inspiration to go and create too. My mom always tugs playfully at my ability to walk in to a store and be able to identify what I like almost immediately, or, if there is nothing there that stands out. More often that not, should something stand out, it would be the most expensive item in store, but that is a whole other in-house joke. Read More

Dusty boots ‘n all

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Ok so here we go. Engine’s fired up, open road’s ready. Gosh, am I?

I studied Psychology. Yep, not art. I remember as a little girl dreaming of an Italy I’ve never seen, and sitting by its cobbled stone streets I have yet to walk on, and be perched with sketch pad and pencil in hand, drawing. I remember as a kid, my counter thought was that I first have to make money. What will I live on, silly girl. Surely I cant think there’s a fridge like the one in mom’s kitchen that just magically produces new content parked somewhere there by the side of a street, ready to feed a dreamer. Cool idea though (pun intended) Read More

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen

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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, and welcome to Claude.

There are still some seats open in front here and trust you have your choice of beverage ready in-hand before we start the show in a few minutes.

Ok, just kidding around! I have been an MC before, and the introduction to what is ultimately going to be stories told through art seemed all too tempting not to place me on stage (figuratively) with red lips and blinding lights.

My name is Claudia Liebenberg. I am the artist behind the pictures and the pen behind the stories that are to follow. But saying it all originates from me, would be horribly short-sighted and not honouring from whom and where I come from. Come climb up this tree with me for a brief retelling of the giants that were and are still.

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